Modeling the impact of incomplete conformality during atomic layer processing

We present a model for surface coverage during ALD to include precursor desorption from the surface, which leads to incomplete conformality. The model combines existing Knudsen diffusion and Langmuir kinetics methods and includes the Bosanquet formula for gas-phase diffusivity and reaction reversibility.

ALPIN Workshop 2024

Dear ALP-Community, This year’s ALPIN workshop will take place from 24.09. to 25.09.2024 in Jena. For a better planning we have prepared a registration form (see link below). We would like to ask all ALPIN members and interested parties to register. Further information will follow.  Deadline for registration is 30.06.2024. Registration: Date:  September 24th and 24th … Weiterlesen

NamLab High k Workshop 2024

NaMLab invites to the Novel High-k Application Workshop on March 11th and 12th, 2024. New challenges offered by the application of high-k dielectric materials in micro– and nanoelectronics are discussed by more than 100 participants from industry, research institutes and universities. Please find more information at the NaMLab website:

EFDS ALD for Industry 2024

The 7th International Conference „ALD FOR INDUSTRY“ will again bridge the gap between fundamental science, industrialization and commercialization of this technology. This event is already establied since 2016 and attracts annually more than 100 participants and numerous exhibitors to visit Dresden. The Conference with Tutorial provides the opportunity to learn more about fundamentals of ALD technology, to get informed about recent progress in the field and to get in contact with industrial and academic partners.

Low temperature atomic layer deposition of cobalt using dicobalt hexacarbonyl-1-heptyne as precursor

This paper presents the development of an atomic layer deposition (ALD) process for metallic cobalt. The process operates at low temperatures using dicobalt hexacarbonyl-1-heptyne [Co2(CO)6HC≡CC5H11] and hydrogen plasma at temperatures between 50 and 110 °C. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurements could show that the deposited cobalt is in the metallic state and the established process shows a homogeneous coating at the wafer level.

ALPIN workshop 2023 – Student award survey

Please vote for the best student contribution and the best student paper of this year’s ALPIN workshop. Note: Try to be objective and fair and really choose the best presentation in your opinion (not the person). The prizes for the student awards 2023 are sponsored by ALS Metrology ( – your partner for in situ … Weiterlesen