ALPIN workshop 2023 – Student award survey

Please vote for the best student contribution and the best student paper of this year’s ALPIN workshop. Note: Try to be objective and fair and really choose the best presentation in your opinion (not the person).

What was the best student oral presentation to this year's ALPIN workshop?

  • Jean-Pierre Glauber - Recent advancements in rare earth oxide thin films via ALD based on water assisted processes (Mo 15:40) (33%, 19 Stimmen)
  • Shiyang He - Precise Interface Engineering for High Thermoelectric Performance in CuNi Alloys Using Powder ALD (Mo 13:40) (24%, 14 Stimmen)
  • Florian Preischel - Processing of 2D silica via ALD for selective gas separation membranes (Tu 09:15) (17%, 10 Stimmen)
  • Julia Cipo - LiPON on porous electrodes (Mo 14:20) (10%, 6 Stimmen)
  • Philipp Wellmann - Blocking Layer Buildup and Disintegration in the Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 on Silicon Oxide with Silane-based Inhibitors - a DFT Study (Mo 16:50) (7%, 4 Stimmen)
  • Estelle Jozwiak - Nickel-Iron-Oxide As A Highly Active Catalyst Toward OER Using Atomic Layer Deposition (Mo 16:20) (5%, 3 Stimmen)
  • Martin Klapper - Atomic layer deposition on carbon fibers with titanium phosphate (Mo 14:50) (3%, 2 Stimmen)

Number of votes: 58

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What was the best student poster presentation to this year's ALPIN workshop?

  • Jun Yang - ALD Sb2Te3 Films and Heterostructure : Thermoelectronic and Optoelectronic Properties (16) (31%, 17 Stimmen)
  • Jorit Obenlüneschloß - Challenges in precursor chemistry for metal ALD: Alternative precursor systems and processes (P10) (15%, 8 Stimmen)
  • Camilla Minzoni - Early-stage Growth Study of Cu Metal ALD Thin Films (P7) (11%, 6 Stimmen)
  • Dongho Shin - Stacking sulfide based 2D materials using ALD (P14) (11%, 6 Stimmen)
  • Mathias Franz - Development of a cobalt atomic layer deposition process using Co2(CO)6HC≡CC5H11 as precursor (P17) (9%, 5 Stimmen)
  • Madeleine Bischoff - Atomic layer deposition of titanium phosphate on carbon fibers using tris(trimethylsilyl) phosphate, titanium isopropoxide and water (P2) (9%, 5 Stimmen)
  • Martin Wilken - Strategies to tune physico-chemical properties of precursors for transition metal chalcogenide thin film deposition (P15) (7%, 4 Stimmen)
  • Philipp Häussermann - Bayesian optimization for thermal ALD-TiO2 carrier selective and passivating contacts (P5) (5%, 3 Stimmen)
  • Marcel Schmickler- Understanding ligand diversity for rare earth based complexes: From precursors to materials (P13) (2%, 1 Stimmen)

Number of votes: 55

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